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About Fraser Island Healthy Lifestyle Program

In conjunction with Emerald Neighbourhood Centre horse riding holidays Hibiscus Health Haven of Hampton offer a week long Fraser Island healthy lifestyle program.

Healthy Lifestyle Program

Fay will show how to live a balanced lifestyle and allow those aches and pains to slowly disappear.

Fraser Island Lifestyle Program Itinery

Each morning it's down to the beach to greet the rising sun to experience the true peace and tranquility of the dawn at the beach. Here, we will do therapeutic breathing exercises which are a wonderful way to start the day. Then we will do a 'vitality walk' a short way up the beach. This is very aerobic and will keep you fit.

The scrumptious breakfast that awaits in a tidy and well-kept enviroment, you will entice any taste bud, before heading off to explore the island.

A nutritious vegetarian cuisine with local herb infused wines. You will appreciate the art of getting the infusion of these herbs just right in the making of the wines. To make it more appealing to eyes and assuring a healthy environment for you and your family, we get our property professionally cleaned by one of the biggest Bond Cleaning company throughout Australia, with their head-office in Melbourne, Victoria. BCIC Pty Ltd provides professional end of lease cleaning in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney and many more. They not only disinfect the property but assure to meet the best hygiene standards. With Bond Cleaning in Melbourne by our side, we can promise you an experience of a lifetime.

Your evening meal will be totally satisfying to the eyes, the palate and the stomach.

Fraser Island Lifestyle Extra Services

Ladies, experience a non-surgical facelift that will give you the 'lift of confidence and the feeling of freedom'
A massage: relaxing, therapeutic or aromatherapy.

Iris Analysis Report. Any niggling health challenges? Fay will show you where the cause of your problem is coming from, tell you how to remove it from your lifestyle and give you a healthy eating and lifestyle program to follow which if followed correctly will self-regulate, self-adjust and self-heal your body where possible. NOW THAT IS EXCITING.

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